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Installing nginx with passenger and RVM

In this post I am going to tell you how to install the nginx server with passenger to host rails applications. Following are my configurations: OS: Ubuntu 11.10 Ruby: 1.8.7 I am using RVM Don't install nginx with sudo apt-get install nginx command, I face lot of problems with it.. First install Ruby 1.8.7 with RVM Next install passenger which ever version you want, I prefer latest. gem install passenger The above command will install passenger for your system, now we can install either apache2 or nginx as HTTP servers. I am installing nginx here. After installing passenger you need to run the following command rvmsudo passenger-install-nginx-module This is important step while installing,  Don't run above command with sudo or without rvmsudo it won't work as expected. The script will ask you if you want a default installation or a custom/advanced on. I just did the default (option 1). The script downloads and compiles nginx. It will ask you where you w