Experienced Software Engineer with a strong technical background in .NET, C#, Python, FastAPI, JavaScript, ReactJS, GitHub, CI/CD, and extensive knowledge of design patterns, Docker, web APIs, and native cloud development in Azure. Adept at architectural design, full-stack development, and serving as a technical lead.

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Professional Experience

Working as Staff Software Engineer | @Hyderabad, India

  • Technical Leadership: Leading a team of engineers in designing and implementing complex solutions.
  • Backend Development: Developing robust backend systems using .NET, C#, and Python.
  • Full-Stack Development: Contributing to the full stack, including JavaScript, ReactJS, and FastAPI.
  • CI/CD Implementation: Implementing and optimizing CI/CD pipelines for efficient software delivery.
  • Code Review: Providing valuable code reviews and mentoring junior team members.
  • Architectural Design: Defining and implementing design patterns and best practices.
  • Docker Expertise: Utilizing Docker for containerization and deployment.
  • Web APIs: Developing and maintaining high-quality web APIs for seamless integration.
  • Native Cloud Development: Leveraging Azure for scalable and reliable cloud-native solutions.


  • Programming Languages: C#, Python, JavaScript, Rust
  • Backend Technologies: .NET, FastAPI
  • Frontend Technologies: ReactJS
  • Version Control: GitHub
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Implemented CI/CD pipelines
  • Technical Leadership: Led teams and mentored junior developers
  • Design Patterns: Applied design patterns to improve code quality
  • Containerization: Docker
  • Web APIs: Developed and maintained APIs
  • Cloud Computing: Azure
  • Databases: SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Snowflake